Lion and The Lamb

The weak must in turn become strong, it is written, it is law, at the point of which lions roar. Calling down fire with swords for tongues, engaging in battle aside the heavenly ones. Wrestling against flesh and blood they do not, forces unseen in fields we forgot.  And I know black from white, good... Continue Reading →

Rain rain fall again

Rain, rain fall again, drop by drop on this silent storm determined to remain. Soak up the pools in my eyes and tell me there is hope in sight. Tell me it will be alright. Throat clenched and stomach tight, only you can make my way tonight. Rain, rain fall again, I need your healing... Continue Reading →


Flow with me, let your wild heart know me. Rise up from the shallows and run beside shadow's. Desire freedom, long for vigour. Dream dreams again from the deepest rivers. Evoke my desire and I will come.  Let youth release itself through tired  bones like screaming jets yearning to explode. Throw your flesh into the... Continue Reading →

Somebody Like You

Stand outside that yellow door, Air smokey from the wood fire. Catch it as the trees whisper, “I’ve been here before.” Inside the morning, deep in the blue, I do know ‘something.’ Haven’t found the key to my treasure yet, Buried down low in somebody I knew. I’m gonna give my heart to somebody, Somebody,... Continue Reading →

Electric Touch

To know darkness does not mean to live in the darkness. The clashing and breathtaking binding of femininity meeting masculinity, enthralling and colliding together. She know's your darkness yet offers you light, sweeping over shadows with a beauty consuming the night. Taste electricity on the tip of your tongue, meeting this creature  in the swirls of... Continue Reading →


Running around in circles, see them dance. Hear their laughter as it carries across the valley, carefully sewing the silk to delicately darn the masks of their recompense. Every few steps they stop and mutter under their breath as the land they know so well has brought them an unexpected shrub, bursting out of the... Continue Reading →

To The Ocean

I went to the ocean. Sounds were too loud crashing in my head. Silence grew louder than anything should. I promise devotion, To the things I never did.   Taste the salt water choking me twice. I can finally taste life. Knowing I've gone deep, Under the surface to a different world. I cannot come... Continue Reading →

The Great Illuminaire

Welcome to The Great Illuminaire Roll up, roll up! See the happy faces everywhere Let the fairground melodies Lull you into the sweetest sleep The movie's showing every day of the week.     Welcome to The Great Illuminaire We're real glad you could make it. The movie of your life is here Sit down... Continue Reading →

Memories Forgot

Eyes have closed and a face that once looked 'upon', has been turned. Shielding oneself from the suns tortuous rays before it's too late to save the velvet flesh that burns. Having taken the road less traveled and come face to face with my own, awakening to the fact. We are indeed a fragile people who... Continue Reading →

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